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What We Do:

We recover data from  damaged hard drives; train individuals and businesses in Word, Outlook, Dreamweaver, and many other software packages; set up and troubleshoot computers and networks   Our most requested services:

Our clients include artists, musicians, lawyers, doctors, writers and other professionals who know they can rely on our discretion with their confidential personal, legal, business and medical records (including HIPAA-regulated files).

Many (though not all) our residential clients live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We also provide computer services for small businesses and professional practices throughout the borough. We know how to optimize your website for search engines (SEO) -- or how to create a website from scratch. We rewrite and redesign your site to bring you more traffic. We also teach you how to maintain your website, and keep more money in your pocket -- not in your hosting company's.

Some of our clients start out already computer-savvy -- many do not.  But we are dedicated to making computer technology easy to use -- and we enjoy helping others learn.

We are experienced teachers, trainers, analysts and programmers, with a long history of helping people overcome their reluctance to use or trust computers.

Services: Recover data. Design websites. Optimize for search engines    Whether you use your computer for internet browsing, downloading music, emailing, storing photos -- or if you rely on your computer to run your business, we can help.

Our long professional history as computer programmers, researchers, information and technology specialists, and business owners -- and our scholarly academic backgrounds -- provide us unique tools for problem-solving and troubleshooting -- which few of our competitors rival.

Summary and General Description:

  • Specialize in data recovery (Recover lost data, help with damaged hard drives, drive crashes, etc.)
  • Provide web site design and development
  • Optimize web sites: Website SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Train, tutor, offer computer classes, including
    • One-on-one training
    • Onsite classes
  • Computer Training - One on One Specialists - and classes onsite
    • Train students in Microsoft Office
      • Classes in Microsoft Word taught by specialists
      • Microsoft Outlook classes taught by experts
      • Learn Microsoft Excel from our trainers
      • Microsoft PowerPoint classes
      • Training in Microsoft Access and relational databases
    • Photo and video-editing software
    • Dreamweaver training for web design and development, as well as many other brands and kinds of software.
    • Tutors available to help you organize files, find your way around Microsoft or Apple's Operating Systems.  
  • Onsite services available in much of Manhattan.
  • Full computer and data services firm helping businesses and residents in Manhattan, New York City.
  • Troubleshoot wireless networks
  • Solve computer slow-downs, freezes, and other computer problems

Services: Recover data. Design websites. Optimize for search engines More details:

  • Data recovery in New York City - you can just drop off your disk or computer ...You don't need to package and mail it.
  • Web site work in Manhattan: work out your design ideas face-to-face with an experienced developer
  • We have the best one-on-one computer training in New York City,-
    and can furnish as many references as you'd like to substantiate this claim
  • Computer tutors in New York City - or onsite
  • Hard drive crash recovery. We recover files (lost during regen, or because of a physically-damaged disk). If you fear you have lost files or if you have corrupted data, please contact us.
  • We are a full-service computer business, located on Manhattan's Upper West Side offering computer services in New York City.

House Calls / On site for: Trump Place, Lincoln Center Area, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown and most areas within Manhattan. Many services, including data recovery, are available in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and some parts of northern New Jersey and Staten Island.

Always available: drop off hard drive or computer
at any of our locations (by appointment only)

Visit our blog for reviews, free tips and technical advice.
This website is updated frequently. To report any problems, please contact:

We are computer consultants who have been providing software and hardware solutions for homes, and businesses for over 25 years.


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Computer Training, Computer Tutors: Beginner thru Advanced

Computer Tutors,
Website Design,
Search Engine Optimization,
and more!

We are Computer Consultants on Manhattan's Upper West Side, offering software and hardware solutions for homes, offices and non-profit organizations

Need Data Recovery?

Specialists in data recovery, website design and SEO,Microsoft training, and Dreamweaver tutoring. Other software support available from We offer computer help and computer support for small business and personal computer use for clients from the Upper West Side, midtown. lower Manhattan. etc.

PC bugs?

We fix computer bugs

Hard drive crash?
Dropped your laptop?
Lost your photos?
Deleted files accidentally?
We recover hopelessly lost data. Don't lose heart.
Before spending thousands at a data recovery lab, give us a call.