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How to Restore Window Size Default to Maximize

People often find their browser window no longer automatically opens up to the maximum size -- and are frustrated because every single time they now go to the internet, they must click on the maximize button. Those extra clicks are sometimes annoying.

The browser window remembers the last size you specified -- and until you tell it to do otherwise, will open to that same memorized size each time. Clicking the maximize button will not change the default.

Instead, you must manually drag the window edges to the maximum size. Gently move your cursor to position it along an edge of the browser window until it changes to a double-headed arrow (see below)

tips and tricks: make browser window default to maximized

Then drag the edge until it reaches it's maximum size. Repeat the process (if necessary) for the lower, upper and left edges of the window. Then close all browser windows. When you reopen the browser, the window should default to the size you just specified.

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