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computer assistance new york, ny  Purchase advice and Assistance

We offer purchase advice and recommendations for equipment ranging from simple keyboards to home video theatre hookups. 

We also offer a premium purchase service, for an unbeatable price:  Take the guesswork out of buying a new computer.

  • We will assist in purchase decisions, as well as order, deliver and setup your new equipment.  You need never set foot in a computer store! 
  • We will get you the best equipment for your budget, and even with our fee, you will still save money -- while getting  the optimal computer setup for your needs. 

How do we do it?  We never mark-up hardware.  We do spend time every single day checking computer and equipment prices and specials, both at retail computer resellers, and at less well-known online resources.


Tips and Tricks
Viruses and Spyware

We are Computer Consultants on Manhattan's Upper West Side, offering software and hardware solutions for homes, offices and non-profit organizations

Specialists in data recovery, website design and SEO, Microsoft training, and Dreamweaver tutoring. Other software support available from SamRoitman.com We offer computer help and computer support for small business and personal computer use for clients from the Upper West Side, midtown. lower Manhattan. etc.

We fix computer bugs

Spyware and Viruses can cripple  your computer - but we know how to fix it